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AIRA-COVID 19 Response

Standardizing vaccine tracking vocabulary and building advanced data systems.


Efficiently tracking vaccination information by demographic was critical to AIRA’s COVID-19 response in 2021. BRSdata helped AIRA craft a unified vocabulary across the network of organizations that manage vaccination data including the doctors’ offices and vaccine clinics, AIRA, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Standard Vocabulary leads to Consistent and Efficient Decision-Making

If you’ve ever been in a situation where two people disagree about the way something was measured, it’s likely that you have a vocabulary problem. Inconsistent definitions and use of words means that “Sales” could mean “Revenue” in one place and “Revenue - Refunds” in another. These inconsistencies lead to breakdowns in communication and reduces agility, ultimately creating friction in your decision-making process. Partner with us to streamline vocabulary, definitions, and metrics across your organization.

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